Professional Equipment

Achieving professional results requires professional tools. At American Maid, we believe that there is a proper tool for every task and we constantly upgrade our equipment in order to follow the leading trends in the industry.

Contrary to old-fashioned beliefs, getting an area deeply cleaned is not limited to scrubbing and elbow grease.While a good job still requires a lot of dedication, it is important to use products that can penetrate dirt and grime, AND that are safe. We believe that we can accomplish better results with the same amount of effort and a smarter approach.

Our tools include hard surface floor steamers, handheld steamers, HEPA filtered vacuums, custom mops handheld cleaning tools, and we only use 100% cotton, lint-free cleaning cloths.


American Maid Wichita, LLC is a full-service, professional cleaning company established in Wichita, Kansas. We specialize in cleaning commercial and residential properties, as well as post-construction cleaning. More...


2330 North Oliver Street
Ste. 618
Wichita, KS 67220

Phone: 316.530.3878

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